Rules of Play

  1. All games will be played with a maximum of twelve players in the lineup. This will consist of ten players on the field and the eleventh and twelfth players as extra hitters. Game may be started with nine of ten players. If a team begins with nine players and a tenth player shows up, then that player may immediately enter the lineup to make ten. However, if a team starts with ten and then an eleventh shows up, the eleventh play may be used only as a substitution for the original ten players.
  2. All games are scheduled to be 50 minutes games with a 1 and 1 count, with one free foul given after the second strike. The exception to this rule is the games that determine 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, game time will be 60 minutes with a 1 and 1 count, no free foul given.  
  3. Two courtesy runners per team per inning is allowed. This rule is designed for those who are injured and having trouble running. The courtesy runner can be any eligible player on the official line-up including available substitutes may be used as a courtesy runner. A courtesy runner may be used twice per inning at any time once play has stopped and time is called. If one comes off the bench to pinch run (as opposed to being a courtesy runner) one is considered a substitution and subject to the rules regarding substitution.
  4. Collisions: A player must slide or otherwise give up in order to avoid hitting the player making a tag. YOU CAN NOT RUN OVER A PLAYER THAT HAS THE BALL! This could result in automatic ejection of the committing player. This rule also applies to breaking up a double play. If the runner stays in the baseline and is hit with the ball or prevents the fielder from making a throw to complete the double play by staying in the baseline, then the committing base runner and the batter/runner shall be called out! This rule applies to double play attempts at any base. This is an umpire judgement call.
  5. Fake tags are illegal. You may hurt someone seriously by doing this. Committing player is subject to ejection.
  6. Equipment: All legal ASA bats can be used. All divisions (including women's) will be permitted to play with double-walled bats. Men will use the .52 COR, 300 Compression, pink optic 12 inch ball. Women will use the .52 COR, 300 Compression, 11 inch pink optic ball.
  7. Metal cleats or metal screws in cleats are illegal. Rubber type cleats are permitted but optional.
  8. Any player with an open, bleeding wound MUST leave the game immediately until the bleeding has stopped and has been properly bandaged. The game may be halted for a maximum of five minutes to allow the player to comply without penalty. After five minutes, a substitution must take the place of the injured player.
  9. Any team unable to field nine players at any time shall be subject to forfeit.
  10. Once games begin, they are under the jurisdiction of the umpire. Umpires shall have the authority to rule on any specific point not covered in these rules. Games may be protested for rule interpretation only. Judgement calls may not be protested. Calls protested must be done at the time of the disagreement or before the end of the game. A ruling of the protest will be made by the protest committee of the Russian River Rainbow Classic. Such rulings will be final and NOT subject to appeal.
  11. Umpires keep score on the field. It is up to each team’s manager to verify correct score after each 1/2 inning and then again at the end of the game.
  12. Blue jeans and cargo shorts are permitted, but we will not tolerate a player's appearance that exposes any portion of the buttocks, genitilia, women's breasts, underwear, or any other portion of a player's body that may be deemed offensive to other players.
  13. Alcohol or drug use is NOT permitted at ANY time while on the fields. If a player is intoxicated/high or seen drinking alcohol or injesting drugs between games that player will be ejected from the game(s) and or the tournament.
  14. One's conduct, rather than sexuality, will dictate whether one is allowed to play. As long as a player, gay or straight, understands we are a gay softball tournament and respects the rights of others, players may participate. Anyone not respecting the rights of others can be ejected.
  15. Out of the Park Home Run Limits are as follows: Open C and Women: 1 home run per game. Others will be considered an automatic out.
    Open D: no out of the park home runs allowed. Any home runs will be considered an automatic out.
  16. The game will be called if one team is ahead by 10 runs after 5 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings or 20 runs after 3 innings.
  17. Any game in the round robin format can end in a tie. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophy games will have to have a winner.
  18. An eligible player is a player who has signed the proper forms prior to playing their first game; has a player rating that fits that player and the Division in which that player plays.
  19. If a team plays with an ineligible player, it will forfeit all games played in by an ineligible player(s). A team contesting a player's eligibility must register an official protest to the umpire in the game in which it suspects that player is playing. This may only be done during Round Robin play, and must be done during your game. The cost to protest a question on a player will be $300 per question and must be in CASH, and given to the umpire during the game along with the protest form, no credit or debit cards will be accepted. A players rating may be viewed at the registration table and only by the teams coach or manager. Should the protest be upheld, then all money will be returned to the team, if it is not upheld, then the team will forfeit the money to the RRRC Tournament.
  20. Any player ejected by an umpire is suspended from the team's next two games.
  21. Managers and coaches and / or players falsifying information on the roster, line-up, player waiver, or ratings sheets will be automatically ejected from the RRRC Tournament.